Remuneration Consulting

Remuneration Consulting

Tailored Compensation & Rewards solutions
  • We help improve your ability to attract, retain, and motivate key talent.
  • We help align pay with your organization’s strategic needs and relevant peer comparators.
  • We help you keep compliant with regulatory and legislative requirements and guidelines.

IRIS remuneration consultants provide expertise in the areas of compensation and benefits, pay-performance alignment, and Market comparative surveys.

Our Remuneration solutions include:

  • Market Salary survey
  • Job evaluation
  • Job description writing
  • Job Grading
  • Competency development
  • Remuneration policies – including long and short-term incentive policy development
  • Salary structuring
  • Development of reward structures
  • Development of conditions of services
  • Performance-based pay
  • Job Evaluation committee training

Human Resource Consulting

HR Solutions that drive value to your Organization

We encompass a broad spectrum of HR disciplines designed to provide HR expertise that supports the success of your organization.

Our goal is to provide consulting expertise in helping to create the right talent and organizational structures and processes that support the organization. We offer our clients practical and sensible HR solutions with technological support that help them achieve their business objectives in ways that are consistent with their culture.

Our Human Resource solutions include:

  • Human Resources Policies
  • Building HR Infrastructure
  • Performance Management
  • Human Resource Audit
  • Competency based Talent acquisition

Organisational Culture Consulting

Culture as a differentiator for your organization

We define Organizational Culture as the underlying beliefs, assumptions, values and the way in which the members of an organization relate to each other, their work and the outside world that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization.

Your organizational culture can enable or hinder your strategy. We use evidence-based structured approach to measure and shape aspects of organizational culture by carrying out validated assessments, facilitate internal dialogue and collaboration.

Our Services include:

  • Culture Transformation
  • Culture in Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Culture for Startups

Developing the right culture is essential to achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

We help you:

  • Measure your organizational culture and define your optimal culture
  • Shape your organizational culture
  • Understand how your organization culture helps or hinders you to implement your new strategy

Change Management Consulting

Managing complex changes in ways that make people part of the solution

Change management focuses on how people and teams are affected by the organizational transition. We provide end-to-end Change Leadership services for major transitions such as mergers and acquisitions, new strategy execution, technology implementations, shifts in organization and leadership, and market changes.

We help you to:

  • Understand the importance of the role of your leadership team in organizational change. Organizational change is impossible without leadership buy-in.
  • Plan and implement change by working closely with you throughout the process so that the process of change is as effective and streamlined as possible.
  • We Work with your leadership to build their accountability and capacity to lead change from a business perspective.
  • Guide your project team on how to integrate the human-side with project management protocols.
  • Develop and help implement plans to build Readiness, Sponsorship, Communication, and Reinforcement and Train Change agents and champions.

Our Change solutions include:

  • Change Management Training
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Change Leadership
  • Change Communication

C-Suite Executives Recruitment

Our services are designed to place exceptional executives in suitable senior-level positions to the benefit of job hunters and employers.

We specialize in the placement of managerial and executive-level personnel for reputable corporations around the Region. This product was launched with the vision of finding the best leadership career opportunities for the most qualified and competent professionals, placing exceptional executive talent within the top ranks of the most sought-after organizations.

What Do We Offer?

We offer professional search and recruitment services geared towards senior-level jobseekers and leading corporations and recruiters.

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Board Members/Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Managers

Serving all sectors and industries, our company strives to help qualified and talented individuals land their dream career job and assist recruiters in finding the best talent available.

Leadership & Management Development Consulting

Building organizations where learning, agility, and business outcome achievement are the norm

Great leaders not only provide clear vision and direction, they inspire everyone around them to be their best selves and deliver their best work.

  • We design leader and manager development programs that strengthen agility, capabilities, and effectiveness.
  • We partner with executives, managers, and teams to develop effective leadership skills.
  • We develop programs that build leadership alignment and enhance capabilities.
  • We help Build trusted leaders who inspire high performing teams.
  • Our Leadership Development solutions include:
    • Leadership Boot camp
    • Manager Boot camp
    • Executive Coaching
    • Career Development Coaching
    • Succession Planning
    • Leadership Assessment (360)
    • Team offsite Design and Facilitation
    • Change Leadership for Board & CEO
    • Building Human Resource Committee Board capacity